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Ivanovska A. V., Ivanchenko I. A.,

Kuzmenko V. М., Rudko B. F.

‘Vidguk’ Quantum Medicine Research Centre, Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine 61-Б Volodymyrska St., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01033 phone +380 (44) 2444439, fax +380 (44) 2274482 e-mail:

I.  Introduction

Atherosclerosis usually results from lipids deposited on the artery wall with subsequent excrescence of intima connective tissue and formation of atherosclerotic plaques. In studying piezoand segnetoelectric properties of lipids it was noticed that phase transitions affect the process of atherosclerotic plaques formation, i.e. certain physical properties of plasma blood lipids may influence the atherogenic process.

The suggested mm-wave technique of differential reflectometry introduces a new indicator of human health: the anisotropy factor AF. The technique integrates both reflectometry and interferometry in the mm-wave range.

The information transferred by mm-range EM wave reflected from acupuncture points was studied. The analysis of anisotropy ratio compared to clinical observations data for atherosclerosis patients led us to the conclusion about its link to atherosclerotic changes in human organism.

A model is suggested based on Landau’s thermodynamic theory for single-axis crystals to explain the observed anisotropy mm-wave reflection effect at acupuncture points of patients suffering from atherosclerosis and coronary disease. The experimental data allowed for numerical evaluation of the model parameters.

III.  Conclusion

The proposed technique of mm-range differential reflectometry suggests that EM waves permeating superficial skin layers and reflecting from the surface of vessels may carry information about phase states of lipids in blood plasma. Since physical properties of cholesterols depend considerably on the phase state of liquid crystals, a technique for controlling the above parameters suggests itself, i.e. the external field exposure. Continued research into the influence of external fields on blood plasma would contribute to the emergence of new methods to prevent the development of atherosclerosis and would also improve the available methods of diagnostics.

Источник: Материалы Международной Крымской конференции «СВЧ-техника и телекоммуникационные технологии», 2003г.

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